Friday, January 25, 2013

Shut Up! - Volume 6

Hey Team,
Welcome back to Shut Up Friday’s! Today we are talking about one of my favorite go-to pieces in my winter wardrobe…the oversized black turtleneck sweater. I find that the turtleneck can trigger a love/hate relationship with some but this girl only has love for this fabulously large comfy blanket of a top!
Since I love this turtleneck so very much (I buy 2 every winter), I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a Three-Way Friday! WOO HOOOOOOOOOO! So here we go…
The Sweater – Black Garnett Hill Oversized Sweater- currently not listed but sold each season
Turtleneck & Tulle
This little ensemble is comfy yet appropriate for drinks with the ladies, a casual Friday at the office or a hot date(some find turtlenecks to be alluringJ)
I paired it with a tulle skirt but tucked in the front to give some shape and added black boots and socks to keep the look simple since the shapes are both oversized. And then I added the camo coat and out the window goes simplicity!

The Goods:
Skirt – Old H&M
Boots – Dolce Vita
Black on Black
This second look is a lot of black, but friends those pants you are looking at are Lululemon work out pants, oh yes they are! So yes this outfit could take you out on the town, but it can also take you to the gym or maybe to your couch! The oversized sweater pairs nicely with these pants since they are cropped and a tighter silhouette. Since the sweater is so boxy, balancing proportions is important so you don’t look like you are being swallowed!
The Goods:
Pants – Lululemon
Pumps – Coach
Vest – Old Intermix

JUMPING for Turtlenecks
So the last outfit could maybe take you to the gym, this one is made for the gym! No, I have never worked out in this ensemble but I have ran many a errands in it. I have never had a problem mixing and matching different “types” of clothes, so why stop now!
The Goods:
Hopefully the overall take away from this post is buy a large turtleneck and embrace all the joy it will bring to your life!

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  1. That jumping pic made my day Mal. :)

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