Sunday, January 6, 2013

saturday/sunday snapshots

A little glimpse into our weekend....

loving this pattern
loved that madre y hija bracelets were part of Mal's post :)
new threshold blanket/throw for the living's even better in person

new rag & bone sweater...from the NM for Target collection...on major sale....$20!!!
a little visual inspiration

ryan, ready to leave for our sunday morning date....

check out her new kicks....spikes,anyone? ;)
mother/daughter date
we're finally starting to work on the master suite!  stay tuned for updates
master suite..
the chosen paint colors...gray with a side of darker gray
brett + I hanging out, watching tv

hope you had a nice weekend.



  1. Wow...the master exciting! Love the colors!
    Always love a picture of Ms. Ryan - adorable!

    1. I know....I've been in that room more over vacation than I have in the past year. ;)