Friday, January 4, 2013

Shut Up! - Volume 4

Hey Team,
Happy 2013!  Welcome back to this year's first edition of Shut Up Friday's! 

To kick off the new year, I thought I'd start off with my favorite accessory...the bracelet!  Whether it be a watch, bangle, rope, zip tie or yarn, anything that goes around the wrist, is fine by me!  Well, handcuffs would probably be upsetting. 

Anyway, I came up with 5 combo's that I have been rockin' lately.  They are all a tad different depending on my mood and amount of weight I could handle that particular day.  My general rule of thumb is to adorn myself in odd numbers and use items at all different price points and varying textures.  As you can see below I love to mix a fancy gold bracelet with a yarn friendship bracelet or a spikey bracelet with a dainty watch...mixing it up is the key to an arm that is ready to get down to get down! 

arm #1: space 519(similar here), dad's vintage gucci watch, spikey black bracelet, thick/thin gold bracelets - michael kors
arm #2: thin gold bracelet - ralph lauren, masaai bracelet, gold bracelet(old), tory burch bracelet, thick beaded bracelet - whole foods
arm #3: yarn bracelets - madre y hija (cp's bracelet co!), peacock cuff - house of harlow
arm #4: peace cuff - old,thin gold bracelet - ralph lauren, shopbop bracelet - old,barney's spike bracelet - old, spikey black bracelet
arm #5: friendship bracelets, thick/thin gold bracelets - michael kors
whole collection!




  1. love this post Mal! Nothing like an armful of bracelets to make any day more fun.