Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shut Up!....Under a hundo

hey team,

welcome back to shut up!  You are not crazy, it is only Wednesday but Cheryl has asked me to pop in today.

when I am perusing the world wide web or out shopping, it is always fun to find something that speaks to you.  you know that moment, when you say SHUT UP,  I have got to have that.  to my husband’s dismay, this happens to me quite often.  however, as of late I have found items that not only speak to me but speak to me and scream “MKLS, we are under 100 bucks lady…pick me up!”

below is a little collection of items that bring joy to my life AND give me the ability to tell my husband the REAL price of the item rather than the ballpark price!  so come along team, bring a little joy into your life, a little joy for under a hundo, some are WAY under a hundo…you deserve it J 


love you mucho, illume candle, shark, creativity at work, tartan, cheeseboard, diorshow, iPhone case, asics gel noosa, patagonia powder beanie, wanderlust double wrap bracelet

1 comment:

  1. I'll take one of each,please...minus the book [which mkls already gifted me for my birthday!] and the cheeseboard. Cheese...ick!
    happy holidays! :)