Friday, December 7, 2012

Shut-Up! - Volume 2

hey team!

welcome to the second week of shut up friday’s!  today happens to be a very special day.  today is the 42nd birthday of this blogs fearless leader cheryl minjares pisha!  happy happy birthday to you! 

along with being cmp’s big day, it also happens to be a big day for peplum’s. 

some may wonder what exactly a peplum is and by definition a peplum is a short flared, gathered or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress or blouse…which translates into wearing something that makes you say SHUT UP, HOW CUTE ARE YOU!

below you will see me take that peplum and say “peplum, i am going to get my money’s worth out of you my friend!“

drinks with the lady friends
this look can take you to a fun dinner, bar or holiday party!  it is a bit fancy up top, a bit casual on the bottom.  i paired the peplum with a black turtleneck which keeps the top portion simple since it’s all black but fun since you have a tutu of fabric around your waist!  the ripped boyfriend jeans add a little funk to the ensemble and it is rounded out with a simple pointy pump.  and if you need to take a computer to your dinner, bar or holiday party, the ginormous red clutch is the definite go to accessory!

the peplum (long sleeve version)

evening occasion
peplum be getting’ fancy here!  this look can take you to a wedding, dinner or new years eve shin dig!  i paired it with a silk pleated chiffon long skirt and grey/red pointy pumps.  since the peplum is black, you do have more options for the bottom portion of the ensemble.  I love mixing different fabrics and pieces with distinct details to add a little dimension.  the bag choice here is much smaller because you really shouldn’t bring a large computer with you to your fancy event!

Tibi long pleated skirt

getting down with the co-workers
first of all, you really should never get down with your co-workers…never ends well but this look would be appropriate when you are watching others make fools of themselves.  the peplum is diggin’ the plaid shirt underlay and grey work slacks, again mixing fabrics and patterns.  you can get away with a wider pant since the peplum cinches in at the waist.

jcrew plaid top
michael kors black wedge pumps

so there it is, my fun with the peplum…will you be sporting this flared top this holiday season?   more importantly,  you better be wishing my friend cheryl a happy day!




  1. It's official Shut-Up! Fridays are a hit! Thanks Mal for doing such a great job. Amazing style and great tips.

    Love collaborating with you, my friend. :)

  2. So cute Mal!! I am sending this directly to my girls - they will love your style. Well Done!!

    Happy Birthday Cheryl - sorry I missed the festivities on Friday.