Friday, December 14, 2012

Shut Up! - Volume 3

Hey team,

Welcome back to Shut Up Friday's!  Today we are taking a little journey into the wonderful world of plaid.

I think plaid could, and should be worn all year long.  I think plaid looks cute on everyone.  I think plaid makes a person look friendlier.  I think people in plaid are having more fun.  So please come along, let's put 'em up for this timeless design!

Below you will see an ensemble that missed the memo on the whole less is more thing. 
Plaid + plaid + stripes = a fun outfit to wear on my porch!

This is a bit much, but let's throw caution to the wind and mix up those colors and patterns this holiday season.  Let's shake it up!

the goods: men's jcrew shirt, free people plaid skirt, rag & bones boots, chanel bag

Another way to wear plaid....over your shoulders + over a large blanket that happens to have a turtleneck attached to it..thumbs up!

the goods: shopbop plaid jacket(old), united colors of benetton poncho(old), rain boots

A few other plaid items that make this chiquita happy...the comfiest shoes around, followed by the comfiest pants, followed by pillows of plaid.

the goods: cole haan shoes, LL Bean pillows


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