Sunday, May 6, 2012

saturday/sunday snapshots

Hi there!

Hope you had a good weekend.  It was an on/off rain fest over here....which allowed me to catch up on some tv episodes (does anyone else start to get stressed out once their dvr gets too full?'s stupid, I know).

Friday night I ended up having the night free, so I took a little shopping excursion with my friend Lynn....we did some browsing and I attempted to make some purchases...but only ended up with one.....picture of my big purchase down below.  We also had a nice dinner  and caught up, had some good laughs....all in all a really nice evening. :)

talk soon.


my big purchase....$7.99 on sale.  Score! :)

my new obsession at Anthropologie...the stalking begins now...

Ryan (far right) waiting for ballet did she get so big?  Crazy.


  1. She looks so grown up....beautiful!

  2. Loved our impromptu shopping trip!! xoxo