Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the story of.....

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I have always been a fan of tortoise fact I still have a bracelet from when I was a little girl...a little cuff.  So many fun options out there!

And the hare....I have no real 'place' in my house for this lovely little gal, but I absolutely love her...and think she would look so cool on the wall.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

A quick random marks not only the end of November, but also 30 days in a row of me posting!!  Woo hoo! <insert pat on the back here>  My friend cck introduced me to BlogHer...and through that NaBloPoMo....National Blog Posting Month.  The challenge was to post every day for the entire month of November...and I did it!!!  I must admit some days were easier than others, but all in all it was a wonderful experience (thanks cck!).

Thank you to all who come and visit the blog, and a special thank you to those who comment...those comments make my day!  If you enjoy what you see/read...tell your friends!! :)

talk soon!


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  2. Congrats - on your month of your daily posts!! Now you have me addicted to dailies!!!