Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Raise your hand if you wear glasses?  Raise your hand if you get sick of your glasses after a year or so?

I have both hands up in the air!

Meet Warby Parker..........an online eyeglass shop....prescription lenses/fantastically stylish frames......for.....$95! They also have sunglasses!

A great service they offer is the try-on at home feature........peruse the site...pick out 5 frames that you'd like to try on....and they will send them to you to play with for 5 days!  Ask your friends/family which frame(s) look best on you.......you return them (they pay shippping) and then you can order online!  Voila....new glasses at your doorstep!

Earlier this year I picked up two pairs....the Beckett and the Huxley....love them both and get all sorts of compliments on them. :)

If you need glasses to actually see....or just love the look of a cool frame as an accessory, I highly suggest checking them out!

And if you happen to be lucky enough to be in NYC - SoHo (to be exact) anytime in the next 5 weeks, check out their pop-up shop....Warby Parker's Holiday Bazaar.

see ya later! ;)



  1. Getting the Crosby in grey as soon as I get a new prescription!!! HOLLA!!!

  2. Love Warby Parker because of you...BOOM SHAKA LAKA!