Wednesday, August 8, 2012

urban treehouse

My brother + I never had a treehouse growing up.  We had a lovely little backyard that we spent a ton of time in, but no little nook tucked into a tree.

When Brett and I moved into our current home there were remnants of what used to be a tree house....tucked high, high up in huge tree in our yard.  I think we both thought it would be cool to rebuild it, but we never got around to and then decided to take it down completely when Ryan was old enough to run around and play in the backyard....for fear that a random piece might fall down and hurt her + her playmates.

I stumbled upon this picture and had to share.  An old water tower in NYC, turned into a living urban treehouse, if you will.  Tucked high above the a great view of the skyline and the neighborhood below.

A grown-up version of the treehouse.

Pretty awesome.  I'll have to keep a look out for this when we're in NYC this fall.

Did any of you have a treehouse growing up?

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  1. What an awesome how it blends into the surroundings.

  2. Not a treehouse but our family used to go out to a picnic/beach area in Wilmington when I was a kid. The trees were the best climbing trees ever - drove my Mom crazy - she was afraid we'd fall and break something.