Wednesday, August 29, 2012

advice to a 10 year old

As I mentioned yesterday, Ryan started 5th grade this week.  The big kid on campus.....or as my friend Mal has said 'she's now in her senior year....of elementary school'. ;)

Ryan and I were chatting the other day and we got to talking about kids in her grade...who she was friends with, etc.  She mentioned that one of these kids was 'popular'......and that she wished she was more popular.  This did two things to me..1). broke my heart a little bit  + 2). made me remember that I had that very same feeling when I was growing up.  I mean who doesn't want to be the cool kid, right?

My advice to her was what I finally learned over the past 41 years............just be yourself...the best possible version, and people will gravitate toward you.

I think even as adults we want people to like us, to think we're cool....and sadly, sometimes we get too wrapped up in that and we lose a little bit of ourselves.

I think Ms. Garland had it right...................

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  1. Love this post and oh so true - my parents were famous for saying always be who you are and nothing less.....and I love that they taught me that.

    I know sometimes I am a svengali...


  2. This was a great post Cheryl, my initial reaction to Ryan was similar to yours but you of coarse gave her fantastic advice and it is so true.

  3. Great advice. But you are right - sometimes it just takes too long to really learn this most valuable lesson. Great Post - Thanks for sharing.