Sunday, August 26, 2012

life lately

Hi there.

To say that I have sucked at posting lately would be a huge understatement.  HUGE.  I thought about posting each and every day......yet I let something get in the way each one of those days.

Here's to hoping I can turn that around!

Some highlights (in pictures and words) of what's been going on over the past two weeks:

  • We celebrated Brett's 40th birthday...finally.  July 18th is his actual birthday, but that month was, we decided August would be better.  We had a small dinner party with close friends, and I would say it was a big success.  The food was good, and the company and laughter that ensued throughout the evening was even better.  When everyone had gone home and it was just the two of us, I asked him if he had a good time and he responded with 'I had a really great time', I couldn't ask for anything more. :)
  • Ryan is starting 5th grade (I swear to God I was just pregnant with her) in two days.  We went and met her teacher on Friday and we both thought she was awesome.  Mrs. Casey, we're excited to spend the year with you!
  • I cut 4.5 inches off my hair.  I hadn't gotten a haircut since January <insert horrid gasp here> and I was ready for a change.  I can honestly say I walked out of the salon feeling like a new person. Like I had reinvented myself. ;)
  • Brett and I have decided to celebrate our 15 years of marriage in one of our favorite cities....NYC.  We are finalizing the dates this week...and I am so excited to explore new areas!
Ok, a few pictures.....

my friend Jeffrey's new!
new material for the magazine wh()re in me ;)
birthday party details

new assortment of headbands at JCrew....hmmmm, maybe with the shorter 'do...

new button downs ala JCrew

liking the new way to arrange books!

care for a scarf?
new iphone case....omg, I'm becoming a collector of these....

cannot wait to read this.  I mean Brad + I are my mind anyway ;)

some new school clothes for Ryan....a little ruffled top, skinny jeans, tulle skirt, a know, the basics ;)


  1. I've been waiting...and stalking happy to see you are back!!!

  2. Welcome back! Love the new haircut:)