Wednesday, February 15, 2012

tweet tweet....

So, I bit the bullet and joined Twitter.  And, now I'm hooked.  I check it before I even think of looking at facebook....that says a lot.

Mind you, I only have 17 followers, and I'm following about 100 people (other bloggers, fashion and interior design people, a few friends, etc)....but I love it.

I don't exactly know all of the rules of, I asked my friend Melissa (who is my twitter mentor ;))  to give us her top 10 rules....

Hi!   Melissa here with my Top 10 Rules of Tweeting....

1. # tag keywords

2. Mention anyone/anything using their twitter handle (i.e.: Just lunched @brunchchicago today, delicious!)

3. If you like a brand, follow them locally for deals and the inside scoop.

4. Don't make yourself sound illiterate.  If it doesn't fit into 140 characters, then don't tweet it!

5. Don't go on tangents.  I will unfollow you immediately.

6. If you want people to open a picture you attached, don't tell them exactly what it is..leave them curious enough to want to open it.

7. Make your profile public, so people can retweet you.

8. Don't be afraid to retweet what someone has said if you liked it.

9. What is all this talk of retweeting you ask?  It's essentially copying/pasting someone else's tweet (because you enjoyed it).

10. Don't be a twitter hater.  Join it and you'll love it.  Promise!

Thanks for the twitter lesson Melissa! 

Follow us both on twitter.  We tweet often!


Are you on twitter?  What's your opinion of it?

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