Tuesday, February 7, 2012

periodicals with a side of zebra, please...


Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of posting lately....was feeling a little under the weather. 

I saw this, and my eyes lit up...magazines AND zebra print.  Amazing.

If you're a magazine junkie like I am, how do you go about keeping them organized?  It's a constant struggle for me...would love some ideas.

talk soon


  1. I throw them out..haha that keeps it super clean. I only take pics of ideas....since my iPhone it has worked perfect!!!

  2. I am soooo behind on my magazine reading. I have *piles* of them to go through. Ack! I usually don't keep the magazines once I read them; I only keep the tear sheets of the images/ideas I want to keep. Cuts down on the clutter (a bit :) ).

  3. Hmm I organize them somewhat, although I'm probably the only human being who understands my maddness. I save all Christmas mags and store then away with my xmas decorations, and only take them out to display during the holidays. I have all my Marthas, Cottage Livings's and Us Mags in a wire clamming basket in my living room and keep my more modern mags (Domino, Real Simple)stacked neatly in my family room on a bookshelf.
    I used to be such a hoarder with mags, but I've gotten better. I try to update (get rid of some mags) my stashes once a season, I find that this helps. Also, I NEVER throw a magazine in the garbage, it's easier for me to get rid of it if I'm giving it to a friend or my mom..or even the public library in town.