Tuesday, January 24, 2012

to gallery wall...or not to gallery wall....

that is the question......

I want a gallery wall in my house.  Badly.  My original thought was to have one trailing up the wall along our staircase....then I decided to do another project there...so, where will my gallery wall go now?

Possibly above our couch in the living room, surrounding an oversized picture we currently have there (it looks a tad lonely, and would likely completely change the feel of the room with additional pictures surrounding it).....

What's your opinion on the gallery wall?

talk to me.



  1. I love a gallery wall, and have one going up my stairs. Having done that, I would recommend the wall over your sofa. Trying to space them properly going up the stairs was HARD. However, now that it is done I love it, and wish it was in a more visible space. I mean, I see it when I go up and down the stairs, but I never really get the chance to just enjoy it.

  2. Love it, although mine are never as cool as these.

  3. I am a fan of gallery walls for shiz! The top bedromo image with that draping from the ceiling is very cool. I say DO IT CHERYL!

  4. I love walls of photos. I love them the best when it's from floor to ceiling (like the 3rd picture down at the top of the stairway). I think it's so unique looking. My house is a cape cod, so I have a really small upstairs hallway, I wish it was bigger so I could do something like this!

  5. LOVE I have a small one and I would love them to be closer with more frames....BUT can I please live in either pic ONE or FOUR - thanks!

  6. I am a fan - especially if the images have a good visual relation to one another (all b&w, similar subjects, etc.) Sounds like a fun project!