Thursday, January 26, 2012


B and I finally sat down last weekend and watched 'Friends with Benefits'......I know, I know..we're way behind.  

Anyway, although I wasn't a fan of the movie (I preferred 'No Strings Attached').....there was no denying that Mr. Timberlake was dressed impeccably well in nearly every scene (granted his birthday suit probably doesn't count, but whatever ;) ).

The one little detail I loved about many of his outfits....the tie clip:

"friends with benefits"

and look who else has been seen sporting the tie clip............

I love that the tie clip works fantastically in a suit and tie scenario.....but is equally as sharp in a more casual setting too:

What do you think?  Fan?

talk soon


images via GQ + tumblr

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  1. Definately a fan! I'm gonna hafta get one for the hubby now....(if only he wore ties lol).