Monday, January 16, 2012

I'll take....

this whole room.


I'm in desperate need to change things up in our house......last night had me moving furniture around in our living room at 9pm, and asking the bestie if it was crazy to move one particular chair next to another chair.....I feel like I get this itch to restyle things every winter.

Anyway...I saw this room and I love that it's simple, yet has a lux feeling to it.

What about you guys?  Changing anything up in your place lately?

talk soon.

image via jessica helgerson


  1. Funny my place will look the exact same today and in 2015....I guarantee !! I am just not a Mom's house is the same way - well except for updates but moving things around yea not for me! I like that others do it but not going to happen at LAD's pad!!!


  2. ohmygosh I totally know where you're coming from! I feel like I get the urge to change stuff around at the beginning of each season (I know, I'm bad). I've been busy painting a lifesize chalkboard in my kitchen, rearranging furniture around every night and having my husband remodel our whole upstairs bathroom. I've also been hooked on pillow covers from etsy. Mygod, the choices are them all!
    Just know that you are not

  3. @lynn, your place is great., I wouldn't change a thing in there. :)

    @ashley, it's good to know I'm not alone in my lunacy. Haha ;). Be sure to post pics of your new bathroom, I want to see!!

  4. i want to throw everything in my house in the garbage and start from scratch, daily, so you're probably asking the wrong bestie. :)