Friday, December 9, 2011

want vs. need

There's this nagging little phrase......want vs. need......and I know personally, it's made me walk away from making many a purchase.

Bottom line...there are very few things we actually need.  Decent shelter, some food + water, clothes on your back, etc.

Want, well...that's a whole different story.....

Here are some items I want and could easily convince myself that I need....but we all know the truth. ;)

What are some of your 'want' items this holiday season?

B -If you're reading this....I really need that mouse pad...and that gold satchel. ;)

talk soon

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  1. hmmm let's see...a pair of navy blue hunter wellies, an ipad2, ANYTHING from anthropologie, some holiday decorating books, a comfy new cashmere blanket for movie nights (preferbly gray)...the list goes on!