Thursday, December 22, 2011

home sweet home


I am total nerd about shoe, I'm a big fan of the picture on the left.  And I love that the little girl in the painting
has what appears to be a bandaid on her funny :)



rowley says that this gold piano doubles as an ice bucket during parties. ;)

hmmm, this scene looks very familiar to my house....


I love getting to see people in their home setting.....I think it speaks volumes to the kind of person they are.  What makes them tick, if you will.

I saw these pictures of designer Cynthia Rowley with her daughters Gigi and Kit at their place in New York, and I was immediately drawn in.  All of the little details.  I love that their table is marked-up and clearly used as the location for all kinds of kids very much resembles the coffee table in my own house. 

We've had it now for 14 years (ridiculous, I know)...and B and I often talk about getting a new one, but it's the one place our daughter LOVES to do her drawing, writing of stories, etc..and well, it has gotten it's fair share of abuse...all sorts of nicks and crayon markings.  But, it has character. ;)

I like to walk into a home (whether in person, or through pictures) and learn something about that person....that family.

What does your place say about you?

talk soon


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