Monday, December 19, 2011

messing with mother nature

I know, I shouldn't be wishing for a snowstorm....but, Christmas is this weekend, and I can't stomach the thought of a snow free holiday. 

Living in the Midwest, having actual seasons is one of the few weather 'perks' we, when I saw this picture today it made me smile......and wish for the white stuff.  How fun would it be to play in that on Christmas day?!

Happy Monday!

talk soon

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image via Patagonia


  1. Is that a snowmobile strapped on top? So fun!! I ditto your desire for a snow filled fluffy WHITE Christmas =]

  2. awesome picture! Reminds me of watching my dad load up the car in the middle of a snow storm, just to go visit my grandparents for Christmas. Here's hoping for (a little) snow on this Christmas!