Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll take a birthday party, with a little side of fabulous...

So, a couple of weeks back (December 17th to be exact) I attended my dear friend Jennifer's birthday was a milestone birthday and she had recently finished up a major renovation to her new condo, so it was the perfect time to celebrate.  And we did. :)

I took a few pictures of the evening...which was such a fun time!  

A birthday + a fabulous condo, decked out for the holidays + a lovely collection of friends = a wonderful evening.

Thanks for having a birthday party Jennifer!!
How gorgeous does this birthday girl look?!

Birthday cake balls....balls down Tina! ;)

fantastic chair from Anthropologie

the best cake I've ever had....ever....from Sensational Bites on Southport..


  1. The party looks fabulous and the birthday girl is stunning! Happy New Year, friend!! xx

  2. When you say "best cake ever"....did you eat the frosting too?

  3. When she is done with her 'buffet' (with the cake on it) - can I have it? Where did she get that? It would match my room......

  4. @ Rhonda - the entire cake was awesome....and every single last morsel was consumed. :)

    @ Sonia - you might not believe this, but the buffet is from Home Depot...the Martha Stewart line. It's even cooler in person.