Friday, February 8, 2013

Shut Up! - Valentine's Day Edition

Hey Team,

Welcome Back to Shut Up Friday’s!

Valentine’s Day is next Thursday.  I know this day yields some mixed emotions…some are filled with hearts and butterflies, some are filled with bottles of wine to the dome piece.  Either way, it is a great excuse to purchase something! 

I thought to myself “MKLS, what would bring joy to my life or my loved ones?”  I did realize about half way through my search a few things A) my picks were not red or covered in hearts B) it made me happy they weren’t red or covered in hearts C) they are all appropriate for a man or woman…SHUT UP!  A MAN OR WOMAN!

Happy Valentine’s Day to US ALL!!!!!!!!!!


The Goods:

1.The Backpack- I have been diggin’ backpacks lately and this one is just cool!  You can carry your love notes or bottles of booze depending on your plans!

2.The High-Tops– What says love more than a Nike High-Top!  OBVI!!!

3.The Glasses – A little Clark Kent action on the big day? 

4.The TV –Apple TV isn’t the more romantic gift on the planet, but team, it is the bomb diggity and truly the gift that keeps on giving! 
5.Vans – Want to kick it old school on the 14th? These Kicks are the way to go!
6.The Blanket –Cuddling with a friend, an animal, a tub of ice cream? Why not do it with this awesome blanket.
7.Peace – Maybe love is a bit much for you this V-day, perfect time to chuck up the peace sign and make someone’s day! It would look awesome on a desk or shelf!
8.The Watch – I normally only wear extremely large watches, like take over your whole forearm large.  But this watch took me by surprise, guess you just never know what you may like until you meet it. J





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