Wednesday, February 6, 2013

initial here, please

I didn't have a middle name growing up.  I was born on December 7, 1970 and given the name Cheryl Minjares.  No middle initial or name.  I obviously didn't think anything of it until I was older, and realized that most people had one. 

Of course, that didn't stop my mom from putting me in monogrammed sweaters....she just threw the initial of her maiden name, which was 'S', and created a three letter monogram.  Why not just make my middle name her maiden name when I was born?  Bizarre.

Anyway.  I love it when people use a monogram.  I often refer to people by their friend cck, our very own MKLS....and even I often use my own to sign things.  

I waited until I was nearly 40 to get a tattoo [I had always wanted one, but never knew what I should get], and when deciding what that permanent art would be, I chose a monogram..but not a traditional one.  I took the 3 letters of our first names [C for Cheryl, R for Ryan and B for Brett]...cRb, to create a  family monogram of sorts.  It sits on the top of my right foot, and I often get comments like 'oh, I like the R you got for Ryan'....and then I explain that if you look closely, you'll see both the c and b gently intertwined in the overall R to represent our little family.

What's your monogram, and do you use it in everyday life?

I say give it a go.

talk soon