Friday, June 8, 2012

life pictures

Remember when I used to post 4-5 times a week?  Yeah, me neither.

I hope to get my act together and start posting on a regular basis again.  It's not for lack of ideas, that's for sure.  I have another 'fashionable friend' post to share, as well as a couple of new series that I'd like to kick of them being led by my stylish friend Mallory. :)

Until I can get my act together, I thought I'd share what's been happening lately through pictures.

Enjoy!  Happy weekend!

talk soon


Ryan officially finished 4th grade...and we celebrated by spending the day at the beach with 2 of her close pals
tonight is opening night for Ryan's ballet school production...on our way to dress rehearsal

new artwork in my office...made by Ryan

finally bought the cowhide for our living room set-up coming soon!

flea market!  love those metal baskets..

flea market - antique silver ware

flea market - how sweet is this antique baby stroller?!

flea market - met the sweetest woman who makes these cool

some cool gals sporting their new madre y hija bracelets


  1. This was one of my favorite posts in a while! A nice little snapshot of your life at this moment! I wont to go to that flea market now....

  2. Love Ryan's art work! Great pics.