Thursday, June 21, 2012

bracelet frenzy!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Yesterday I clued you in on the fact that our madre y hija bracelets were heading to Zambia Africa with A to Z Literacy, founded by my lovely friend Mal Keenan.  Well, last night was the mad dash to make some 50+ bracelets to get to Mal  before she left early this morning to Zambia.

I'm beyond happy to announce that we did it!  And in less than 3 hours!  We had a little assembly line going with Ryan + I making the bracelets and Brett attaching labels and cutting string.  Many laughs were had throughout the night, and it was so great to drive over to Mal's house to drop them off and give her a special bracelet that we had made just for her to wear. 

Mal + I are going to do a post together once she gets back from her trip, and she's going to share pictures, etc. 

The bracelets we made for her to take along are going to be given to children who live in My Father's Houses.  These houses are built by Every Orphan's Hope, which is a non-profit with a mission to "love, protect and care for orphans affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic."

Once the homes are built, a Christian caretaker (usually a widow) is chosen as the house mother, and up to eight orphans with the greatest need are selected to live in each house. Every house is sponsored to provide food, education and healthcare for each child. A to Z helps to provide books for the children living in these homes so that their learning can continue outside of school.

So, soon enough a whole group of these special orphans will get a tiny little gift.  No, it's nothing that will change their life, but what child doesn't love a receiving a little something?  And if it brings a sweet smile to their faces then that's more than I could ever ask for.  I cannot wait to see pictures of them!

talk soon



  1. Love Love Love this story - and Mal trip of a lifetime girl - so excited and envious!!!

  2. wow....what a generous and lovely thing to be involved in!

  3. Well Done Pisha's! They look great!