Friday, April 6, 2012

let's take a bike ride

I love taking bike rides.  So many of my memories from growing up involve me on a bike.  I do have to admit that I was a late bloomer in terms of learning how to ride a two-wheeler.  Almost to the point of ridiculousness......and when I learned how to ride a ten-speed, I may or may not have come up our driveway (which had a little hill) and lost control and gone straight into our evergreen tree.  oops ;)

Anyway, I will randomly see pictures of people on their bikes in NYC, Paris, etc and always love that they are in their everyday clothes.  For some reason when I became an adult the bike ride became more of an exercise tool vs. just a sweet little ride through it only seemed logical to wear clothes that you'd exercise in.

This spring/summer I vow to change my outlook on that.  I'd like to do more bike rides simply for the enjoyment of being out and exploring our town.  We are lucky in that we live in a town that still actually has a downtown area with great little shops, restaurants, etc.  Ryan's ballet school is even downtown.  Easy little bike rides.

I am smiling just thinking about them.

What about you guys?  Love bike rides?

Happy Friday everyone. :)

talk soon




  1. Love this idea! Too bad riding in the city terrifies me. I'll have to add it to my weekend plans in Lake Forest.

  2. Yes, you should Carol....stroll on up to JCrew. :)

  3. I have a beach cruiser and loved using it when I lived up north - but coming soon will be Lynnie riding around town on her beach cruiser - I am pulliing it out of storage! Rode a bike in Belize and made me realize how much I missed! Cute post very European!!!


  4. Lynnie- you'll have to bring yr cruiser to CL and we can ride to the beach, and into town. It would be so fun!!! This summer. :)