Wednesday, March 14, 2012

spring has sprung!

It is currently in the mid-70's here in Chicago.  No, that's not a's true.  Mid-70's..............ahhh, sun on my face, windows down in the car....pretty awesome.

I immediately want to wear sandals....and that requires a fresh pedicure.  I'll take this color please:

olé caliente
ole caliente

And I'd like you all to know that I passed up an opportunity to head to Florida for spring break.  Here's how it went down yesterday:

cell phone rings......
cp answers: hello

b: so, I think we should go to Florida for spring break

cp: what?  why?  I thought we had agreed to stay home this year....

b: I know, but I'm looking into it

cp: why?  I mean, I would love to lay on the beach, and Ryan would have a great time, but why the change in plans?

b: because it's so nice out

?????.  Ok, then.  I guess we wouldn't have had that conversation if it was 30 degrees and snowing out.  ;)  Men.

So we talked about it again this morning and decided to stick with our original plan....taking the week off to hang out with Ryan, but staying home.  I believe this makes me insane.

Happy Wednesday!!

talk soon

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  1. Love that color. Essie Fiesta is also close and one of my faves!