Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Style Crushes

Today I share with you two of my style crushes...women who make it look easy when it comes to dressing...

Former editor for Harper's Bazaar (Russia), Miroslava Duma

and Creative Director for JCrew...Jenna Lyons
Who are your style crushes?

talk soon!



  1. Well Well I love this subject....

    I am obsessed with Sarah Jessica Parker - from the days of Sex and the City and seeing her on the streets of NYC - I just love her total FUN and FLIRTY way.

    And don't hate but because she is curvy and rich I love Kim Kardashian....I can't help myself....to me she always look impeccable if we (Kris and I) could only get her to stop wearing so much make-up!!


  2. I looove SJP!!! You'll see a post dedicated to her in the future for sure!

    And I must admit, I'm a fan of Kim K as well.

    Keep the comments coming!!! I love hearing what you think. :)