Tuesday, July 31, 2012

happy day sweet girl

Ten years ago today, our little girl was born.  She didn't have the easiest entrance into this world, and we should have known then that she would forever be feisty and do things in her own time. ;)

This kid makes me laugh on a daily basis.  She says some seriously funny $hit.  This kid also makes me want to pull my hair out....on a daily basis........but, I suppose that's motherhood for you.

On Ryan's 5th birthday we started (what is now a tradition) taking her picture with a sign of her new age.  It's funny to see how she's grown over the years...

Happy day my sweet girl.  I love you more than all of the stars upstairs. :)

talk soon

ugh, I can't seem to locate the sign picture....but this is 7!


  1. She is one funny girl! Love the photos...she is growing up so fast....slow down Ryan:)

  2. Happy Birthday Ryan Pisha! Hope you guys have a great day!