Friday, May 24, 2013

happy summer kick-off [I mean memorial day] weekend!

No idea how we're back here already...the end of the school year, but we are. 
Ryan is finishing up 5th grade, and in addition to the normal end of school activities, we've been navigating through some 'tween things [talks about 'the talk', noticing things/people that 5 months ago weren't even a blip on her radar, the realization that most of her friends are heading to another middle school, establishing genuine friendships with boys [what?!], boys + girls hanging out together, not all of her friends being friends with one another].......let's just say it's been quite the ride. 
If not for Erika, Michelle, Mallory + Melissa, I for sure would've lost my marbles.  Thank you for listening and giggling [alot] with me, and as always, offering support.  :)
So, end of school year means beginning of summer break [June 6th is the official start!]....which will hopefully mean lots of time at this place in the picture above...........the beach.....and really just hanging out and enjoying lazy summer days.  Cannot. Wait.
I hope you all have a wonderful 3-day weekend!
talk soon

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  1. She is growing up so fast....looking forward to a week with the little lady this summer!