Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the sentimentality of books

Lack of posts lately.  Big time.  Really big time.  Sorry folks.

Ok, so in addition to being a magazine wh()re....I also love myself a good book.  I have an entire bookcase up in our home office to prove it. 

Even in this age of e-readers, I will never be able to walk away from purchasing books.  There is something so special about buying a book, reading it/falling in love with a story, then sharing that with a friend/family member.  I view it as a special bond you share with someone when you lend them a book.

One of my favorite books ever, The Book Thief is one that I've shared with several close people in my life.  That book has even traveled to Europe and back with a friend.  I recently went to grab it from my bookcase to lend to someone, and an airline boarding pass stub fell out.  It had belonged to a friend who read it, and likely used the stub as a book mark.  Most would think nothing of that, but I thought it was pretty neat.

E-reader or book....which one are you?

How awesome is the color-coding of books in the picture above?!  I love it.


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  1. Love this! "The Book Thief" is my favorite book... I too have lent mine to a couple of friends, as well as gifted a couple of copies :)