Monday, March 11, 2013

the great debate: boredom

Until I'd say about 2-3 years ago, I would often find myself in a state of boredom....or constantly looking for something to do. It drove Brett insane. All of the running around, a party here, an event there. Constant motion.
Then a few summers ago, it all changed.  I was no longer interested in jam packing my time with activities, just for the sake of activities [if that makes any sense].  My day job/career is deadline driven.  There is no getting around that.  I live + die for the deadline.  It keeps you much so that one day you wake up and realize that months have gone by.  That, I believe is what changed my mindset.
I can't control the deadlines at work.  I walk in, and I [ + my team] essentially give my time away to others.  It is what it is.  BUT, I do have control of my non-work life, and I've chosen to quiet it down a bit.
My weekends now pretty much consist of me hanging out with Brett + Ryan.  No major agenda, for the most part.  Yes, we still have parties and events to attend...but only the important ones.  Whereas I used to fill every waking moment with stuff [some that mattered, most that didn't], I have become much pickier with my time.
I now laugh at Ryan when she will lament 'mom, I'm bored......'
I'm hoping it doesn't take her as long as it took me to realize the importance of a little silence and just being. :)
Note: Betty said it.

Kind of perfect, right?

talk soon


  1. I realized this concept way later than you did and I absolutely love "my time". Kudos to you for getting there faster than I did!