Tuesday, September 4, 2012


from the weekend.....

image 1 - Solange Knowles....she's so cool....and Madewell has some great pieces for fall

image 2 - Breyer's Natural Vanilla with bits of homemade chocolate chip bar.....you feel yourself getting heavier with every delicious bite

image 3 - New addition to our living room.....

image 4 - Domino does it again...this time with a compilation of their favorite rooms from all of their issues.  Serves as a great source of inspiration, if you're in need of some!

I had a nice, lowkey long weekend. 

Oh, and how could I forget......I stumbled across episodes of The Hills on MTV....so, of course I had to watch them (and dvr them)....two full seasons (the last two with Lauren Conrad) worth.  I enjoyed every minute of that ridiculousness.

talk soon


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